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By Antonio Negri

Factory of Strategy is the final of Antonio Negri's significant political works to be translated into English. Rigorous and obtainable, it really is either a scientific inquiry into the improvement of Lenin's concept and an encapsulation of a serious shift in Negri's theoretical trajectory.

Lenin is the one famous flesh presser of the fashionable period to noticeably query the "withering away" and "extinction" of the nation, and prefer Marx, he famous the hyperlink among capitalism and sleek sovereignty and the necessity to damage capitalism and reconfigure the kingdom. Negri refrains from portraying Lenin as a ferocious dictator imposing the proletariat's reappropriation of wealth, nor does he depict him as a trifling army software of a leading edge against the Ancien Régime. Negri as an alternative champions Leninism's skill to evolve to varied working-class configurations in Russia, China, Latin the USA, and in different places. He argues that Lenin constructed a brand new political figuration in and past modernity and a good association in a position to soaking up varied historic stipulations. He finally urges readers to acknowledge the common program of Leninism this day and its strength to institutionally―not anarchically―dismantle centralized power.

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