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By William Johnston

Max is again. In ignored IT by means of THAT MUCH!. Max and ninety nine face stampeding elephants, quicksand, a cannibal tribe, steaming jungles, and worst of the entire wily Whitestone, a magician-illusionist grew to become KAOS agent.

Agent 86 needs to locate Dr. Livingstrom, who's someplace in darkest Africa, earlier than KAOS steals his mystery formulation, Brassica Oleracia—212°, to take advantage of opposed to the unfastened World.

Can Max get to Dr. Livingstrom ahead of the Forces of Evil?

Can he seize his bold foe, Whitestone?

Or does he pass over HIM via THAT a lot?

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A advisor can be out in entrance, top the pack, exhibiting the best way. What strong is a advisor who lags in the back of, making snide comments and inflicting dissension within the ranks? Why, a advisor like that may be a traitor to his craft. That’s why I didn’t say whatever. ” “Just one little doubt, Hassan,” Max stated. “If you’re presupposed to be out entrance, top the pack, exhibiting the best way, why aren’t you? ” “Because the pack goes within the mistaken direction,” Hassan responded. “That places me within the rear. but when the pack may flip round, I’d be within the lead—right? ” “He’s correct approximately that, Max,” ninety nine stated. “All right—about face! ” Max commanded. all of them grew to become and confronted within the other way. The flow put Hassan within the lead. once again, the celebration set out. After some time, Max stated, “Hassan, I don’t are looking to be a trouble-maker, yet how have you learnt that, now, we’re getting in the proper course? ” “Simple logic,” Hassan spoke back. “Before, we have been entering into the incorrect direction—correct? ” “Yes. ” “And we did an about-face, turning us within the contrary direction—correct? and what's the wrong way of the inaccurate path? ” “The correct course. ” “Brilliant,” Hassan acknowledged. “You can be a advisor your self. ” “Max . . . ” ninety nine stated, sniffing the air, “. . . do you scent whatever? ” “Hassan,” Max acknowledged, “you higher flow again the following to the rear. ” “No, Max,” ninety nine stated. “This is . . . isn’t it . . . convinced, it really is, it’s an analogous smell we smelled after we have been again in that cannibal village. ” They halted, and Max and Hassan became their noses into the wind. “99, you’re correct! ” Max stated, creating a face. “It’s the bad smell! We’ve picked up Dr. Livingstrom’s path back! Hassan—full pace forward! ” “Do you will want a few suggestion? ” Hassan stated, hesitating. “No, Hassan. A advisor may be obvious, now not heard. ” “Maybe we higher pay attention, Max,” ninety nine stated. “All correct, Hassan. What’s the recommendation? ” “You higher swap that command to: complete pace to the rear,” Hassan acknowledged. “Do you listen that rumble? ” Max and ninety nine listened, and heard a noise within the distance that sounded whatever like thunder. “Hassan, is there, by way of any probability, a bowling alley at any place close to the following? ” Max acknowledged. “The nearest bowling alley is in Provo, Utah,” Hassan answered. “That’s the animals you pay attention. ” “Hassan, i'm prepared to think that animals will be taught to bowl. yet I refuse to think that they’re so keen on the sport that they’d go back and forth the entire option to Provo, Utah, to—” “Max, he capacity the animals are stampeding! ” ninety nine acknowledged. “That’s the sound we pay attention! They’ve smelled the smell and they’re fleeing from it in panic! ” “Oh. That’s very fascinating. ” He became to Hassan. “Do you think that we’ll manage to see it? ” “I’m positive,” Hassan stated. “All we’ll need to do is search for. We’re correct within the animals’ direction. ” “Let me get this straight,” Max acknowledged. “What you’re announcing is if we stay the following we’ll be trampled by way of the stampeding animals—is that correct? ” “It’s no longer right—I’m too flat to die—but it occurs to be the best way the ball is bouncing correct at this moment,” Hassan responded. “Max! That sound is getting closer,” ninety nine acknowledged fearfully.

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