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By Patricia Wells

“Patricia Wells could be the optimum American authority on French meals considering Julia Child.”

“[Wells] is familiar with the suitable for eating panorama larger than anybody.”
Los Angeles Times

In her landmark cookbook, Simply Truffles, celebrated writer and well known cooking tuition instructor Patricia Wells stocks the secrets and techniques in the back of the mysterious black truffle—offering foodies, culinary scholars, Francophiles, and everybody who loves French cooking a wealth of truffle lore, wine pairings, lush, full-color images, and greater than fifty notable recipes, all more than enough to face all alone, without or with muffins. From Creamy Polenta with tarts and Poached Eggs to Truffled Croque Monsieur to Pecorino-Romano and Truffle Pizza, Simply Truffles is greater than only a cookbook—it’s an entire consultant to at least one of the world’s rarest delicacies.

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