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By Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

The theories and practices of Ayurvedic medicine—including the healing advantages of aromas, meals, herbs, meditation, yoga, and more—are featured in this complete guide. With a piece devoted to well-being problems, this advisor clarifies the simplicity of therapeutic obviously and provides suggestions in the direction of a stronger feel of wellbeing and fitness, lowered pressure, and psychological peace. pictures of greater than eighty herbs and yoga postures around out this domestic reference and instructing tool.

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Cleanses liver, is helping flu and diarrhea. Contraindications: a few lentils are difficult to digest; although more uncomplicated if sprouted. (There are differing ideals at the use of assorted lentils. ) they could reason constipation. excessive in uric acid - can irritate gout. Lima (Cimra - Bengali) cooked (not roasted), upload honey or cane sugar Contraindications: Dry roasted V++, peanut butter challenging to digest okay+ Soy/Tofu (Bhatwan - H) Energetics: candy, astringent/cold/pungent PVK+ Rajasic Tofu: candy, astringent/cold/pungent vice president- K-+ Soy cheese: bitter, astringent/hot/pungent VPK+ motion: more straightforward to digest as tofu (sattwic) symptoms: Tofu after febrile illness, as milk for Kapha or áma, lung infections, lymph with fever; interested by kicharí VPK=. Tofu is wealthy in protein, calcium and potassium. It promotes lady hormone stability. Energetics: candy, astringent/cold/sweet PKV+ symptoms: more uncomplicated to digest, specially if clean. break up Peas Energetics: candy, astringent/cool/sweet PKV+ reliable for easy diarrhea (but now not for Váyu, Pitta, motion: Binding stool or mucus diarrhea), constipation. exterior poultice—cleanses foul ulcers. wealthy in potassium, symptoms: Diarrhea. minerals, supplements, fiber. Contraindications: not easy to digest, higher as soup Mung (Green Gram) (Mada, Mudga) Energetics: candy, astringent/cold/sweet VPK= ok+ in extra Sattwic motion: Refrigerant, antipyretic, alterative, hemostatic. Very nutritious and healthy symptoms: Pitta problems, summer season nutrients, convalescence from febrile or infectious sickness (as kicharí—see Basmati rice), relieves thirst in the course of fevers, febrile illness, liver, medicinal drugs, smoking, or alcohol detoxing, melanoma, enlarged liver or spleen, bleeding; Tea—high fevers or warmth stroke. exterior paste—burns, sores, swelling, infected joints, attracts out pollution, swollen breasts, mastitis, breast melanoma. it's often referred to as múng dal”. Múng dal comes with eco-friendly pores and skin on or peeled and break up in part. The latter is less complicated to digest. it's present in Indian grocery shops. Peanuts (Buchanaka) Energetics: candy, astringent/hot/sweet KVP+ motion: Oily and infrequently labeled as a nut symptoms: Strengthening, protein, use uncooked and Nuts & Seeds Energetics: Sweet/warm/sweet V- PK+ activities: Tonic, nutritive, strengthening, rejuvenative symptoms: the simplest resource of protein and fats from vegetable resources; raise fats, marrow, nerve tissue, reproductive tissue, ojas, construct blood and muscle tissues, boost reminiscence and creativity; sattwic—helps yoga and meditation. Seeds—similar but lighter, much less nourishing, more uncomplicated to digest, V+ extra. training: Chewed good, now not taken in extra drinks—nut milk is better, fermented nut beverages (amasake) more uncomplicated to digest- use with clean ginger salt—better for Váyu; uncooked sugar—(sucanat, jaggery, dates, raisins) tonic, demulcent for convalescence and debility. roasting—heavy, oily, demanding to digest, roast in takes out oil mild roasting—better for Váyu. now not roasted—better for PK yet money that they're now not rancid Nut butters are oily and 143 The Áyurveda Encyclopedia utilized in small doses.

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