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By John Snead, Gareth Hanrahan, Graham Walmsley, Andy Klosky, James Knevitt, W. J. MacGuffin, Paul L. Mathews, Brian Nisbet, Jay St


Deep underneath London, the Laundry data occupy a number of miles of disused subway tunnel. The cabinets are full of files and stories. Eyewitness statements, newspaper cuttings, court docket transcripts, the diaries of madmen, autopsies, clinical papers, archived fabric – from those, the Laundry works to piece jointly the form of the realm. A possible harmless file could comprise important details while correlated with a dozen different documents. Triangulate the doctor's file approximately a virulent disease of wierd goals with seismic task below the Pacific, and locate the strains of the napping god. fit the suppressed play from Shakespeare to troop hobbies in Syria to devise the form of drawing close doom.

The Dossiers comprise extracts from the murkier reaches of the Laundry's records, a range of unexplained encounters, unverified experiences, uncorrelated information, loosely organised by means of no matter what codeword looked as if it would healthy. the reality exists within the unseen connections among them. The Mythos Dossiers include dozens of news, handouts, eyewitness bills and deranged hypothesis concerning the horrors of the Mythos. learn them at your peril.

Some day the piecing jointly of dissociated wisdom will open up such terrifying vistas of truth, and of our frightful place therein, that we will both move mad from the revelation or flee from the sunshine into the peace and security of a brand new darkish age...

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Coupled with this ongoing research, please word the hooked up shape 3692a – advertisement buy Order (Bulk nutrition Product), relating to sixteen situations of Blackberry Pomegranate Parade, and extra of Mango Guava insanity. there are lots of extra experiments to be performed. 103 The Laundry TOPSECRET//NATSEN//UKEYESONLY//DV//29x19//OCCULUS//SPECIAL-PROJECTS record Subject: Subjects: Date of Incident: Time of Incident: length of Incident: Incident Type:        Transcript of interrogation ‘Tony Soprano’; Mr. John Doe; and Mr. James Q. Cardholder. 12 Dec 2009 3:45 am GMT approx. 6. five hours. OCCULUS Interrogation #21504a SOPRANO: Heh, it’s virtually time you men arrived. i used to be virtually gettin’ bored in right here. 5 hours with nothin’ to do yet stare on the partitions and sleep. [Yawns loudly] received a few espresso there? DOE: Tony Soprano... SOPRANO: That’s now not my identify. DOE: come to you? now not remarkable. you return to him, or he SOPRANO: We got here to him. He used to be operating with a few sizeable pharmaceutical company out of Echling, Germany, of their study and improvement employees. stated that they have been at the verge of kicking him out besides. CARDHOLDER: back, no longer too magnificent. CARDHOLDER: it really is in the interim. till you’re relocated and reassimilated, you’re whoever we wish to name you. DOE: If we need you to be Terry the Tiger, you’re a tom cat. DOE: position? Why have been you after him within the first SOPRANO: The DeCavalcantes. CARDHOLDER: extra americans? CARDHOLDER: And not anything else. SOPRANO: Yeah, yeah... you think that I ain’t talked with spooks such as you sooner than? FBI, ATF... you’re all simply alphabet soup. DOE: That’s what you're thinking that? SOPRANO: Yeah, that’s approximately correct. SOPRANO: good, not only them. DOE: Then who else? SOPRANO: The Sicilians. CARDHOLDER: Camorra or Luciano? CARDHOLDER: feels like he doesn’t wish our support a lot. DOE: Sounds approximately correct. CARDHOLDER: possibly we will pass see approximately getting a sandwich. SOPRANO: Someone’s been doing his homework... the Camorra, in the event you needs to recognize. seeing that INTERPOL’s been cracking down on trafficking, the scraps have got scarce, and the households are at each one others’ throats. we would have liked a leg up. DOE: so that you went to Groeningen. CARDHOLDER: Whose really good concept used to be that one? DOE: have they got tuna and sweetcorn? SOPRANO: SOPRANO: [slightly panicked] very well, very well. I’ll knock it off with the wisecracks. You gotta comprehend, we had no concept what we have been facing. CARDHOLDER: [to Doe] feels like the sandwich should wait. DOE: No pepper within the break-room anyway... CARDHOLDER: Why don’t we commence in the beginning, then, Tony? How approximately Groeningen? SOPRANO: 104 [low] He’s the place all this begun. Jimmy tooth. CARDHOLDER: what's he, a dentist? SOPRANO: No, he’s simply bought a superb set of pliers and a in poor health feel of humour. yet in comparison to Groeningen, he’s small fish. DOE: him in? No kidding. When’d you opt to deliver SOPRANO: approximately years in the past. April, even, so and a part. The capo manage him together with his personal lab. state-of-the-art. sought after him to begin engaged on a brand new undertaking.

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